Microsoft Office 365 locks out users out of account in the US, impacting business across the country.

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the major business tools that is used across the US by various companies and professionals. However, on Monday, a problem with Azure Active Directory appears to have locked users from across the U.S. out of their Microsoft Office 365 accounts. It leads to a total halt of many businesses the entire day. The Twitter feed of Microsoft made it official and stated that “We‘re investigating an issue affecting access to multiple Microsoft 365 services. We’re working to identify the full impact and will provide more information shortly.” 

The impact was not only seen on the business tools provided by Microsoft Office 365 but has also impacted Outlook mail services. This is the message that people are able to view on the page where the issue is reported on the official website.

Affected users are encouraged to keep existing sessions going and to avoid re-authenticating to Microsoft 365 services. Any Microsoft 365 service that leverages Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication may be impacted by this issue”, the page reported.

It is one of the major outages that Microsoft has faced in a long time and due to which all the business operations in the US have come to a halt. The issue is still persisting and users are still unable to login to the cloud account for Microsoft. The company is already working on the issue but has given no timeline as to when the issue would be resolved and what was the reason behind it.


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