Microsoft providing beta access to Project xCloud before launching in September

As soon as Google introduced Stadia as one of the first online game streaming services, many other companies started to work on the sample platform. A similar product offering called Project xCloud was announced last week by Microsoft which provides more than 100 games, starting from September 15. Now, the company has opened up the services before the launch to all the to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. The per release is meant for testing the platform and figure out any problems and optimization requirements before the final launch.

All the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to enjoy more than 30 games through Project xCloud, with an Android device. To access the beta limited feature simply download and install the Xbox Game Pass app on the Android device. As per the company, the limited beta period is to ensure that the game has a smoother transition through cloud and users get to experience the smooth gameplay before the actual release of it. The company also made clear that the experience should not be considered as the final version as any kind of bugs and issues that are found during this beta testing stage, will be resolved in the upcoming final launched version.

Microsoft has also been working with many other game studios to developed and modify games in a manner that they are able to support better graphics through online gameplay, without the user having the need to get a PC with good hardware.

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