Microsoft released Windows 11 Insider Preview before the general release in October

Microsoft announced Windows 11 this month on June 24 and it is all set to release with general availability later this year. Before the official release of the operating system, the company has released a Windows 11 Insider Preview that will be specifically focused on developers so that they can test and work with new features on the operating system. Apart from that, it is expected that the operating system could be launched in the month of October this year. The Windows 11 Insider Preview that has been released for the developers will have all the features that were showcased in the event last week.

Some of such features are the centrally located Start menu, new animations and notifications, and also a new startup sound. The experience for the same will almost be identical to what will be released later in the final version. The new operating system brings back widgets which became popular initially with Windows Vista. The first build of the preview for Windows 11 was displayed in the showcase event and with a few more additions and updates it will be released soon for the developers.

It will also bring in the new docking mechanism features which allow the users to add multiple displays to the system without any hassle. Developers can also use WiFi 6E for compatible hardware with the same. However, it also excludes some of the features as what was displayed in the showcase. Before downloading the Windows 11 Insider Preview, it is suggested that the operating system should be downloaded and installed on the secondary system, in case there are bugs that create an issue with the data.


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