Microsoft starts testing Android 11 apps on Windows 11

Earlier when Windows 11 was released, Microsoft confirmed that the new operating system would have support for Android applications as well. However, it was clear that the support for these apps would not come instantly with the launch and will slowly be revealed at a later stage. Now, Microsoft is bringing 50 new android apps, in partnership with Amazon and its app store, which would be available to the Windows 11 Insider program. 

The apps will be available on the beta build of the Windows 11 operating system. The beta build would provide apps like Amazon’s Kindle, Clash of Clans, Coin Master, Lego Duplo world, and more. The apps will work on any Windows 11 system regardless of the Intel or AMD build. All the apps would be running on “Windows Subsystem for Android” as confirmed by Microsoft, which is powered by Intel’s Bridge technology. Since Amazon has been helping Microsoft in the same, it might be the case that Amazon Appstore apps also work on this version of Windows. 

YouTube video

To run the Android apps, the PC must have the virtualization feature enabled and should fulfill all the system requirements for Windows 11. Also, the user needs to have an Amazon account to access the feature. This is definitely a great initiative by Microsoft, as it is allowing users to use apps from multiple platforms on Windows 11 itself. However, the number of apps present for the users right now is less, and more productive apps are expected to join the list very soon.

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