Microsoft warned about potential data exposure in the Azure cloud platform

Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular cloud platforms in the world and is also popular for the security it provides to the data. However, researchers have recently discovered a major flaw in the Azure platform and have requested all the users to change the Digital access key. The report was first provided by Reuters that the cloud security company called Wiz have discovered that they could easily gain access to primary digital keys for most of the users on Cosmos DB database system and steal all the data. 

After the issue was reported to Microsoft by Wiz, the issue was almost resolved and fixed in the configurations. However, they have notified some of the users at the same time to change their digital access key. If other users have not received the notification to do so, it is still suggested for them to change it. Till now, Microsoft has found no proof or incident in which hackers have tried to access the customer’s data through the flaw. 

Microsoft is now trying to find out if any such incident might have happened on the Azure platform in the past using the same flaw and how long has it been since it has existed. They are currently scanning for any such or similar activity related to it to make sure that they can avoid any kind of access abuse. Wiz is also working closely with Microsoft right now to make sure that the data is safe and there are no such loopholes left.


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