Microsoft released Windows 11 SE Surface Laptop SE operating system as the rival to Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS has been gaining a lot of popularity over the last few years due to the smooth and easy UI experience and the availability of all the Google tools that one can work on. It is why Microsoft has recently launched their new operating system which will be a direct rival to Chrome OS. The Windows 11 SE and Surface Laptop SE are the new versions of operating systems that will be aimed primarily at the education sector.

The operating system is so specific that it will only be shipped on educational devices. The Windows 11 SE was leaked online in July and provided a lot of new features and improvements for students. It also includes offline features like Microsoft Office App for students and can help students to work on it even if they do not have internet access. The operating system is a more streamlined version of the Windows 11 operating system, therefore, you will see a similar interface but something that can run smoothly even on low-end hardware.

The OS will be shipped on devices that cost under $300, which is also apt pricing for laptops aimed at students. It can run Win32 desktop apps but will not come with Microsoft Store. The OS has been specifically designed to reduce the distraction and make the students rely more on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome-based apps. We can also expect the performance of this OS to be much better as it has been optimized for low-end hardware.

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