Microsoft Xbox Live service outage affects users worldwide

Xbox users have recently started facing an issue where they are unable to sign in to Xbox live or start any game on their Xbox. The issue is visible for users around the globe and if you are facing the same issue as well, then you should know that it is due to a service outage of Xbox Live. Microsoft’s online services have been facing a major outage for players on the Xbox Series X, the Xbox Series S, the Xbox One, and even Windows, and this outage affects everything from sign-in, online multiplayer, and even the ability to even start locally downloaded games. 

The surprising element is that the issue has not been resolved till now. The issues were started to report by many users hours ago which initially only affected the Sign-in process. However, after a few hours, the issue was also noticed in Xbox services where the users were unable to access and play the games that they have purchased through the online store. There is currently no confirmation from Microsoft as to when the issue will be fixed, but they have responded and said that they are aware of the issue and are currently working on the same. 

Microsoft has been adding the update for the issue on their official Twitter handle, however, it has been hours before the last update and it still continues to cause the problem. The issue has been resolved for some users but not all. It seems that the issue will soon be completely resolved by the company and the same has been updated by them as well.

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