Motorola to come up with a new flagship smartphone powered by Snapdragon 888

Recently, Chen Jing, general manager of Lenovo’s China mobile phone division, has posted an image on Weibo which represents the new phone that will be coming under the name of Motorola. The packaging of the new phone is for the Motorola flagship device that will be launched very soon and will be using the next-generation Snapdragon 888 chipset from Qualcomm. The phone will be the first among the list of smartphones that will come with this chipset. 

Now the question that is in everyone’s mind right now is whether the company will be removing the charger from the packaging like all the other companies that are releasing the premium flagship smartphone. However, the photo of the package does not give any idea about the thickness and dimension which does leave us with this unanswered question. It is also expected that the new flagship will come with a higher refresh rate, fast charging support, a bigger battery, and a great camera sensor. 

YouTube video

Apart from the premium flagship that Motorola is going to launch in the market, the company is also working on a new 5 G-enabled smartphone in the mid to high range category, but no details about it have been made official. The phone specs have been kept hidden even from the leakers and we can assume the company to make some revelations about the same in the next year. Till that time, we can expect the company to reveal more details about the packaging and specs of their new premium flagship phone.


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