nCore games add a new TDM mode to FAU-G mobile game

Everyone remembers the time when PUBG was banned last year in Indian and after a few days of that happening, the game FAU-G was announced, which was expected to be a replacement for PUBG. However, when the game was released in 2021, the game faced a lot of criticism for not providing any kind of elements that pUBG had. In fact, the game has a single-player campaign initially and the same mechanics being used at almost every stage.

However, FAU-G has now launched a TDM (Team Deathmatch Mode) in the game which allowed the users to play similar gameplay to PUBG. The mode was announced at the time of launch to be under development and now after months of development, it has finally been launched on the app. Users can update the app immediately to experience the TDM mode. The gameplay is not similar to PUBG but has a lot of similar elements as well. There is no doubt in the fact that it would need a lot of polishing and updates in the future.

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Users can definitely try the new mode but do not expect it to be similar to the PUBG in terms of experience. Developer nCore games have also committed to bring a lot of new elements and modes to the game in the near future, which are still under development. So we can expect more games to further improve the game and make it much more interesting for players to shift their focus on this game as well.

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