Netflix acquires Night School Studio, which is their first gaming studio, followed by the launch of three new titles

Netflix is one of the most dominant videos streaming platforms as of now and the company has left no areas unexplored in offering their users different types of content to view. A few months back, the news was leaked on the internet that Netflix is soon going to launch their own online gaming streaming services as they have been looking to bring a service similar to Google Stadia. It now seems that Netflix is serious about breaking into the online gaming field and has recently acquired their first game studio as well, which is Night School Studio.

The gaming studio became popular with their first game “Oxenfree” which was released in 2016 and since then has been popular in its field. Acquisition from Netflix shows that the company will soon be launching its new titles in the market and will try to provide exceptional value to its customers. It has also been reported that the online games will come at no extra cost to the users and will be included in the existing subscription. Netflix has started rolling out games in the European market like Shooting Hoops, Teeter Up, Card Blast, and Stranger Things: 1984.

It shows that Netflix has already started making its move towards the global online gaming industry which still only has a few players which have been able to establish themselves. Netflix will be looking forward now to providing a large variety of games in every genre which will make it one of the huge competitors in this market segment. Amazon is also going to enter the market soon with similar services, which will give users more game streaming options like Stadia.

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