The New 11th generation of Intel Tiger Lake processors will be more focused on AI, security, functional safety, and IoT products.

When it comes to Intel, most of their chipset is designed with architecture to power the entire system with multiple features. Now the company has announced the launch of a series of new processors that will specifically power the AI, security, functional safety, and IoT products in the future. The information was given after the company announced its 11th-generation “consumer” processors with Xe graphics. The new 11th Gen Intel Core Processors, Intel Pentium, Intel Atom x6000E series, and Celeron N and J Series processors, are specifically enhanced for IoT, according to Intel. 

As per the company, the new processors have been designed with a view that it is able to enhance the experience of the users with IoT(Internet of Things). The new generation of processors from Intel would allow the companies to focus more on the application that emphasizes more on machine learning and AI functionality, which requires faster speed and processing, with really low latency. Intel does claim that their new generation of processors will have more performance by 23 percent in a single thread and 19 percent in multi-thread respectively. It will also have 2.95x more graphics performance as compared to previous generations. 

However, when it comes to Intel Atom x6000E Series, Intel Pentium, Celeron N, and J Series Processors they have been tweaked with an efficient real-time performance which will provide much better 3D graphics and twice the performance on a dedicated real-time offload engine, large storage options among others. It seems that the new processors do get the soul of technology that will be more focused on in the future.

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