New Anguish Emoji created to express the feelings of 2020.

Emojis have always been one of the best ways to share your feelings with one another without saying a word. It not only helps us to share our emotions and expression with the other person but also makes it fun to do it. Each year there are new additions to the kind of emoji a user can use and this year is no exception. Based on the events of the year where the whole world is just angry and definitely not happy with the pandemic, a new Anguish Emoji has been created. The new emoji can be easily defined as a ‘Face with spiral eyes’.

This emoji was created as a way to express the anguish that people have been suffering through this year when you are unable to express the same through words. The emoji has recently been approved by the Unicode Consortium to help out. It is not the first time a new emoji has been approved. Other emojis like “face exhaling” (clearly exhausted), “face in clouds‘ ‘ (smoke?), or “heart on fire” (self-explanatory) have also been the most relevant emoji to express the chaos in this year.

This year new emojis are clearly influenced by the global event. This emoji will be available to the users on their smartphone by 2021. This is not the only emoji we will be getting on our smartphones. Even Apple and Google are working on a new series of emoji that they will be adding to their compatible smartphones in the next year.


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