New Camera patent emerges for Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

Xiaomi has been working on the new Mi Mix 4 for a long time now and everyone is expecting Xiaomi to bring some really new and great feature phones at the time of launch. Among those unique features, one has been recently identified in the form of a patent. The company has already confirmed that they might be launching the new Mi Mix 4 this year in the global market and it can be expected that it would come up with cutting-edge tech. Details about a lot of new patents have already come up in the last few months from the company which was mainly focused on camera setups and frequently pop-up solutions.

It is expected that all those patents could have been for Mi Mix 4. The design patent does not involve a pop-up camera, but a “reflecting member” or simply a mirror that pops up on user command. The sensors stay safely encased inside of the smartphone’s shell while the rotatable mirror does all the popping up and image-positioning work. The patent when perfected will remove the requirement of a front and rear-facing cameras in the smartphone and could help in getting a better camera-free wraparound display for the Mi Mix 4. 

The tech that Xiaomi has been creating can bring around revolutionary changes to the camera tech that is used in the industry right now. However, unless it has been used in the final version, it is hard to say how the camera performance will be and how it will be different from previous camera setups.

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