New Developer tools on Twitter helps to filter Covid-19 queries and tweets

After the cases of Covid-19 have started increasing again in India, people have been searching for medicines, vaccination centers, hospitals, and a lot more. It is why more and more traffic is being noticed on social media websites where people are posting more and more details regarding certain keywords like Oxygen cylinders, ventilators, ICU, Remdesivir plasma donors, etc. Google and Amazon Alexa recently lend their services to people where they would get details about the vaccination centers and hospitals on their platform. 

Now, Twitter is also lending a hand in helping people at such a difficult time. Twitter has recently seen a lot of new posts using the same keywords, which are being posted to help people find supplies.

Two news tools have been based on the Twitter platform, which is and Created by developers in Delhi and Bengaluru, these tools will help the people in filtering the result to get more accurate details based on the location.

Twitter has also announced today that there will be a special page called COVID-19 SOS on the site which will list down various resources which will be updated in real-time to help people know about the availability. Also, Twitter has asked people to use the advanced search and search for the keywords for the latest updates on various resources. The tools that have been created by the developers are currently supporting 39 major locations, which mostly include bigger cities. The tools seem to provide an accurate result for search and are very helpful as well.

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