New Facebook AR glasses will have advanced superhearing.

Facebook’s AR glasses have been rumored around for a while now and the company is expected to release the glasses anytime during the end of the year or early next year. The company has not disclosed any information about the glasses till now, however, there have been a few leaks about the product time and time. The company is looking to provide a similar experience to what Apple and Google have been offering to the customers through its VR experience. 

Now the company has finally shared some information about the new AR glasses which seems to be a feature of the device. The new feature will come with advanced audio technology, which might bring super hearing for the user. Now super hearing is a concept where the user is able to hear even the minutest of sounds without any issues. These types of sound with low frequency are not easily audible by the naked ear but will be able to use these AR glasses. The feature will likely use two different technologies called “Perceptual Superpower” and “Audio Presence”. 

The first feature will reduce the noise to a minimum while increasing the focus on the specific sound not or voice. The second feature will recreate the sound waves and bounce them in the real world. It will help the user hear the sound which is not easily audible naturally. Currently, the work on the AR glasses is being refined more and more for different types of users to use it. 

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