A new hack discovered to run Android Play Store on Windows 11

When Microsoft announced Windows 11 a few months back, they also confirmed the support for Android apps on their platform. However, the only downfall was that they could only be accessed and installed through the Amazon AppStore. Also, only 50 such Android apps are currently available through the Amazon App Store that can be used on Windows 11. Therefore, the users are unable to use platforms like Google Play Store and use all the different types of apps available on it.

However, a developer has recently posted a hack through which the users will not only be able to use the Play Store services but will also be able to Sign in to the Google account. It will provide them with complete access to Android apps on the Play Store. A developer named ADeltaX has created a script or a hack that allows Windows 11 users to use Google Play Services on the Windows Subsystem for Android. However, the developer has already warned that the entire process is only meant for advanced users due to the complexity of the steps.

YouTube video

The script was posted on Github and for doing so the requirements are WSA, Windows Subsystem for Linux, and Ubuntu from the Microsoft Store. Once done, one needs to follow the instructions and run the commands in the Ubuntu command terminal. The developer has also created a video showing all the steps that are required to complete the process. However, one should be very careful while doing so as one wrong step can affect the Windows 11 operating system as well.

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