New Lawsuit on Facebook for using Biometric recognition data without consent, can cost $500 billion

It seems like Facebook is going to face a lot of heat again in an issue where the social networking giant has been accused of collecting biometric data of the users through Instagram. As per the details a new lawsuit has been placed on Instagram for illegally collection users’ facial recognition data with informing them or asking for their permission. If turned out to be true, the company could face a fine of $500 billion, which is going to affect the company’s reputation in a very negative way.

A class-action lawsuit filed in San Mateo Superior Court by Illinois resident Kelly Whalen on Aug. 10, claims that Facebook is sharing the biometric data with the user’s consent. As per the lawsuit, the company will have to pay $5000 for each intentional violation and $1000 for negligent violation. The claim figures an estimate of around 100 million users which can take the amount to $500 billion. Facebook has already paid $650 million in July to settle a similar case about the misuse of facial recognition data.

As per the concerned parties, the action that Facebook has been taking through Instagram is very problematic as it does not allow the user to give permission to know about it and the company is profiting by collecting and selling their data to other companies. The problem remains when Instagram users share their data on the apps and the same is shared by Facebook automatically over all platforms. It is also a major concern where the apps can use the facial recognition feature without activation and content to scan and collect data into Facebook.


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