New performance method can increase performance by 20%, says Intel

Intel has been really busy in developing new features to increase the performance of its chips and they have recently announced a new production method that could increase and improve the chip performance by almost 20%. It has been considered as the largest intra-node performance leap in its history. As per the team, they have found a new component that can be used to improve capacitors and better ways of manufacturing transistors.

They have used Moore’s Law, which suggests the pattern through which one can predict the growth and changes in the chipset that the industry can observe in the next ten years. The company has not been able to give anything specific yet this year due to the pandemic and a lot of other issues in the global market. However, they are already working on the new 7mm nanometer hip process which has been delayed for a year now. As per the company, they will be trying to bridge the gap in their production by outsourcing a part of it until they gain back to the normal production speed.

However, it would require Intel to stabilize the process sooner as the delay will start making the other technology look older. Intel has also been working dedicatedly on the Tiger Lake line for laptops, which is a 10-nanometer fabrication system. Apart from that, the company has been looking forward to exploring new technology while they cover the delay in its production and research.


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