New update available for OnePlus Nord

OnePlus Nord has recently rolled out the new update OxygenOS for the OnePlus Nord with new features and improvements. The new update not only brings updated Android security updates for this year but also includes major improvements. Some of the major improvements that the update brings along are the improved battery life for the OnePlus Nord, where the users will see an improvement between 10-15%.

Apart from that, the update also reduces the power consumption for certain conditions where the power-hungry apps will not use fewer resources. The phone also had an issue where the users received notifications for messages after a certain delay. The update also seems to resolve this issue for the phone. Among other issues that the users were facing was the overheating issue. The company claims that the new update will also resolve the overheating issue of the phone permanently. The update brings in a lot of minor tweaks, which increases the phone’s overall performance.

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The update needs at least 3GB of space on the smartphone and would require your phone to be at least 30% charged at that time. The update has only been rolled out to a small number of users and will be made available to global users in a few days. The company is also planning to roll out the OnePlus Nord 2 in the coming days and there might be a chance that the phone could be running on the new merged OS by Oppo and OnePlus.

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