A new update from Twitter resolves the issue of disappearing tweets.

A new bug was identified in the Twitter iOS app where the tweets used to disappear while the users were reading them. Since the tweets used to disappear mid-read, it was very frustrating for the users. However, Twitter has recently released a new update for the iOS app which resolves the issue. The issue started when it was reported by the users that the tweets used to disappear when they were trying to add the replies to an ongoing conversation. As per the update given by Twitter on their latest update, the users will now be able to see the tweets when they pause the timeline to look at the tweet.

The issue was reported by users earlier this month after which the update was released. The issue initially started from the month of September this year, but only a handful of users were affected unless the reports increased in number. The tweets used to move up the time as the replies were added to it. If you are facing a similar issue, then it is suggested to update the app on the iOS version immediately as it is available.

Apart from these changes, the company has been trying to tweak the interface to make it faster and easier for the users to read and reply to the tweets as well. Twitter is also planning a few upgrades for the platform like subscription services and more features for the verified accounts. However, there is no dedicated timeline announced for the launch.

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