Nintendo Switch OLED display is not as durable

Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular and compact gaming systems out there and has a huge dedicated fan base as well. Recently, the company launched a new version of the Nintendo Switch, which did not come with major upgrades over the previous version but has subtle changes which made the device a lot better. However, it seems that the new variant did come with its own flaws. The major upgrade in the new Nintendo Switch was the OLED screen which made the display a lot better and engaging.

However, the OLED screen is what seems to be the problem for the device. As per the reports, the OLED screen used in the device is not durable and can very easily break down. One of the popular YouTubers, JerryRigEverything, recently tried and tested the new gaming console to check how durable it is and how well it can take impacts and scratches. The screen was found to have a plastic layering on the top of the screen for protection which easily made it scratch and increase the risk of damaging the screen.

Since the screen was very easy to scratch, it was estimated that it would not be able to absorb any hard drops as well and might break down easily. One of the solutions suggested was adding tempered glass to the display. However, it is disappointing for the users since they have spent more money on the upgrade and the screen seems to be more prone to damage in the new version.

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