The noise cancellation option seems to be missing in the iPhone 13 series

One of the prominent features in the iPhone is the Noise cancellation feature which is currently not available on iPhone 13 and it is upsetting the users. The iPhone 13 series was launched a few months back and has had a lot of new updates as well. However, it seems like the iPhone 13 range does not have a dedicated Noise cancellation option which seems to be available in previous models. The issue was raised by a consumer in the Reddit community where they had a complaint that the iPhone 13 does not have a noise cancellation option.

The same complaint was also accepted by many other iPhone 13 users on Reddit. Although Apple has not made any statement regarding the same, it does not seem to be an issue due to lack of hardware. The report also confirms that the issue is with all the iPhone 13 variants which include the Pro, Pro Max, and the Mini version. The noise cancellation option can be activated in older iPhone models by going into Settings > Accessibility > Audio-visual.

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However, the same option is unavailable in the iPhone 13 series. It has been confirmed that Apple is aware of the issue but it might take a while before the update is added to the new iPhone. Recently, the upcoming iOS 15.3 beta update also did not have any noise cancellation feature update. So the users can expect the same in either iOS 15.4 or later update. In the meanwhile, the users can also use the voice isolation feature in the control center which also works exactly the same way as noise cancellation.

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