Noise’s May Achievement: Empowering the Indian Market through Local Manufacturing

The new Noise milestone is further evidence of the Make In India program’s impact on the Indian manufacturing sector. The government continues to deliver incentives both at the central and regional levels. With one million Noise smartwatches manufactured locally in India last month, the brand hope to continue on an upward trajectory. The company has surpassed its initial target of 1 million monthly units. Noise also claims it is the first brand to ship more than 3 million made-in-India smartwatches.

Noise has also reiterated its unwavering commitment to the Make In India initiative. According to the brand, its May achievement clearly demonstrates its deep-rooted dedication and understanding of the Indian market. Noise says it will continue relentlessly pursuing the goal of making India self-reliant across several facets. The company hopes to sustain its strong performance in the year’s second half. It could even achieve new milestones in production going forward.

India continues to benefit immensely from the surge in made-in-India goods. It has grown in capacity and continues to leverage its huge population for greater effect. There are policies and incentives coupled with a relatively cheaper labor force.

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