Nokia joins hands with Tampere University to create a new 5G chipset.

Finnish telecommunications giant Nokia has recently joined hands with Tampere university in Finland and to research on a new 5G chipset. Nokia has been busy working on many different products in the past, apart from smartphones. Healthcare, drones, consumer products, and a lot more have been researched over the last few months by the brand. Now the research and development of a new 5G chipset seem to be the next big things from Nokia. Currently, the two major players in the SoC market are Qualcomm and Mediatek, apart from the custom chipsets that are made by Samsung and Apple.

Now if the company decides to work into the 5G chipset market, then we can expect to see a great product from Nokia with the kind of quality people expect from them. It is not yet clear whether the chipset will be made exclusively for Nokia or it can be used by other smartphone manufacturers. However, if the company decides to use it exclusively for themselves, it could further decrease the price of the smartphones and make it much more affordable.

Also, the company has not yet revealed any other details about the chipset that they are planning to develop or till when can expect it to be ready. However, it does seem to be a big step from Nokia to enter the chipset market. We can expect the company to show the new 5G chipset next year in the first quarter and with it a Nokia phone that will be powered by it.


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