Nokia recently released the Nokia Smart Node, to provide better 4G and 5G coverage indoors.

Nokia has recently announced a new device called the Nokia Smart Node in the market, which aims to bring 4G and 5G networks indoors and can easily be mounted anywhere at home. The device was quietly launched by the company who is looking forward to developing and offering a lot of new devices to the customers apart from their popular phones. The Smart Node offers modularity to the users and allows them to choose between a 4G and 5G standalone and non-standalone network inside their office space. 

The Smart Node is especially a boon for office spaces that regularly receive network issues and lack of availability in their office spaces and do not offer a good 4G and 5G connectivity around. Nokia has a similar solution for people who are experiencing slow 5G and 4G networks in their homes. They can simply use Nokia’s 5G Fast Mile Gateway which would improve the network connectivity for their devices. However, it can only be used in a small limited space, like a home, and not in a big office. 

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It is why Nokia has developed the Smart Node, which can cover up to 64 users at one time. The only problem seems to be that the Smart Node is not commercially available and will most probably be offered by local mobile carriers to the small or medium business enterprise. However, the device seems to be very useful in terms of functionality and increasing the efficiency of work in the office space. It would definitely be a great addition to any office.


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