Nokia working on a new feature phone with Android OS and a dedicated Google Assistant button.

Nokia has been offering their old phones in a new avatar. Nokia’s old phones were very popular for being sturdy and feature-rich as per that time. However, with the invitation of touch screen smartphones, those feature phones were about to say goodbye forever. But Nokia had other things planned and many of those old models were revamped and offered to the customer with a new package and OS. These phones bring back the nostalgia of using them in the olden days and it does not seem like Nokia is about to stop. 

A few weeks back Google made an announcement where Nokia or any other feature phone featuring KaiOS, will have a dedicated Google Assistant button and will work in the same way as it works in a touchscreen smartphone. Google did not mention when this feature can be available in the future, but it seems like Nokia is already set for the launch of this feature in their new phones. Nokia will now finally launch a new feature phone which is rumored to have the latest Android OS and the new Google Assistant dedicated button. The sketch of the phone was shared by Nokiamob where apart from the new button and OS, it seems that the phone will be based on the old design of Nokia phones. 

The phone is also said to have a selfie camera on the top of the screen. Since Google currently does not run Android on any feature phone yet, it will be a unique offering in itself. There have been sightings in the past of a Nokia feature phone passing FCC certification with quite basic specs. Nokia is surely gearing up for the launch of many different phones such as Nokia 9.3 PureView, Nokia 8.3 5G, Nokia 6.3, Nokia 2.4 and Nokia 3.4, and now the latest Android feature phone.

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