Nothing TWS will be launched at a much lower cost in the Indian market

The founder of Nothing, Carl Pei, announced a few weeks back that the first product from their company, which was a TWS, will be released on July 27. He also provided a good enough idea on the price of the product in general in the global market. The revealed price was $99 for the US markets. However, Carl Pei did not provide any detail on the pricing of the TWS in the Indian market. Now, details are coming in that the price of the TWS in the Indian market could be actually lower than the global price. 

It is expected to be launched in India for Rs 5,999, which is around $81. When we compare it to the global prices, the difference seems to be very big, especially for the customers in the UK who could be paying $57 more for the same product. The details were given by the company to one of the popular tech Youtube “Technical Guruji“. As per him, the company said that the special price in India is due to the large customer base that the company wants to target. 

YouTube video

The company has also confirmed that it will partner up with e-commerce giant Flipkart and launch the TWS exclusively in India on the same date as the global launch. The product is expected to be launched on July 27 and the most striking part about the design will be the transparent body. Nothing has not confirmed a lot of technical specifications of the TWS, which they will be letting customers know on the date of launch. 

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