Nvidia launches all-new GeForce RTX 3090, 3080, and 3070 chipsets

The leader in the graphic industry, Nvidia, announced a new series of powerful gaming chips yesterday. The series is GeForce RTX 3090, 3080, and 3070 chipsets, which has been designed using the new memory tech from Micron, being manufactured by Samsung. Nvidia is claiming that the new series of graphics cards will provide twice the performance and twice the power efficiency over the previous generation of graphics cards. It’s not the first time Nvidia has been relying on chip manufacturers. Before Samsung that they are currently relying on, the company used to work with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing for its most advanced chips. 

Now Samsung will make all the new GeForce chips for Nvidia, using their 8nm chip-making process, which might not be the latest from Samsung, as they have already been working on their latest 5nm chipsets. However, Nvidia claims that they have given certain requirements to Samsung which will make their 8nm chips 10% faster than the 8nm chips Samsung is using. The new chipset will also be using Micron memory technology, also called the GDDR6X which can double the data that can be processed by an Nvidia chip. 

The new Graphic card has undoubtedly crossed the previous benchmarks of Nvidia Graphic card and will definitely be a major upgrade for users. The new series can be used in all kinds of devices and will have much better performance and would also increase the realism of graphics expected in the game. Apart from that, the company will also be using its popular AI-based technology to improve on graphics.


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