OnePlus 9 to come with ColorOS instead of HyrdrogenOS in China

When it comes to OnePlus smartphones, there are two different types of OS skins that the phone comes with. While the Oxygen OS is the one you would normally find the phone with, the Chinese version of the phone comes with Hydrogen OS. However, things are going to change with the launch of the OnePlus 9, where the company has now decided to launch the phone universally with ColorOS only. Therefore, even the Chinese version of the OnePlus 9 smartphone will come with ColorOS instead of Hydrogen OS. 

The announcement was made by Pete Lau on Weibo, who is the Founder and CEO of the company. He has confirmed that the phone will come with ColorOS pre-installed from the factory and also confirmed that the devices that were previously delivered with Hydrogen OS will continue to get support from the company. ColorOS is the skin that was developed by Oppo and was also used on Realme smartphones previously. It is expected that the phones with ColorOS skin will get more features and much better support as it is a much bigger software than Hydrogen OS. 

This also came as surprising news to many as companies decided to move from their own OS to ColorOS. Although the company has not confirmed anything on the use of ColorOS on the OnePlus smartphones in the future, it is expected it will be the way going forward for the company. The OnePlus 9 phone is going to launch tomorrow in the global market and we can expect to see a lot of new things for the smartphone. 

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