OnePlus Buds Pro will not have Google Fast Pair support

Last year when OnePlus offered the OnePlus Buds series, the company added Google Fast Pair support to it as well, which made pairing and connecting with Android smartphones a lot faster and easier. This year, the company is all set to launch the OnePlus Buds Pro but this time they will not have the support for Fast pair. Although the Google Fast Pair support is available on the OnePlus Buds and the OnePlus Buds Z, what made the OnePlus step back from it in the Pro series. 

The Google Fast Pair feature not only provides a better, faster, and seamless connection but also allows the device to be shared and paired between multiple Android devices. Although it was not available during the testing phase of the Buds Pro, it was thought of only being a pre-release issue. However, OnePlus has confirmed that it will not have Google Fast Pair, but will have the Fast Pair support for only the OnePlus smartphones. It has also been shown through images that have been released by OnePlus. 

YouTube video

It would make Fast Pairing only accessible to OnePlus smartphones. It does not seem to be the right step forward for the next generation TWS from OnePlus, but they want to make the feature exclusive just for the OnePlus smartphone, while the pairing process for another Android smartphone will be the usual. Although the feature is not available in the Pro series, we can still expect OnePlus to make changes to the device before the launch and they might add Fast Pair support based on users’ feedback. 

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