OnePlus confirms that the OnePlus Watch is back in development and nowhere near launch

After a lot of speculations, previous design renders, and leaks, OnePlus has finally given confirmed news about the OnePlus watch. As per the company, the watch is back in development and has been confirmed by OnePlus CEO Pete Lau himself in an interview with input. It was expected that the company might launch the smartwatch with the OnePlus 9 smartphone next year, however, the news has put an end to the rumors as the company might be taking a lot more time before they officially announce the smartwatch from the brand. 

The rumors of the smartwatch launch were very high during the launch of the OnePlus 8T, where the design renders of the OnePlus watch was leaked. However, the leaks turned out to be the renders for the rejected model or proposed model of the smartwatch which were developed in 2015. Apart from this news, it was expected that we can have more details regarding when to expect the new watch in the market or the announcement. Sadly, no new information about the watch was given by the company. 

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But apart from the smartwatch, the CEO did give an official statement where he mentioned that “We are trying to improve the connectivity between the Wear OS ecosystem, Android TV, and Android smartphones to create this ability for better device interoperability across the ecosystems.” It does seem like OnePlus is focusing more on the ecosystem that OnePlus will create through all their devices and we could expect the company to present us with something new working which would promote the OnePlus ecosphere.


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