OnePlus could price the 8T model for over $1000.

OnePlus is currently working on many different models of smartphone and a watch as well. However, the most recent launch that we will be seeing from the company, will be the OnePlus 8T Pro. Now there is a lot of expectations from the customer as OnePlus has always been a company that has offered consumers high-quality premium flagship phones. But it seems that the phone is bringing disappointment for the fanboys. The new leaks about the pricing of the product in the Europen market reveal that the phone will be placed at a very high price point, even higher than the previous high-quality flagship.

The phone is marked at €799, however, it is expected that the price of the phone will reach above $1000, for the base 8GB and 128GB model. The cost of the 256GB/12GB model will be around €899. If you compare the price of this version with the older OnePlus 7T, the price at the time of launch was 100 Euros cheaper. If the price comes to be true then the US market can expect the phone at more than $1000 dollars.

Also, it would be the first phone from the company that will be launched at above $1000 category. As per the company, the price would be justified as it has the new 865 snapdragons and is IP68 resistant. The phone will be coming in two variants. whereONe Plus 8T and *t pro. The phone will also have the all-new Snapdragon 865 with fast charging and 120hz refresh rate


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