OnePlus many launches OnePlus 9 RT in October

The OnePlus 9 series was launched by OnePlus earlier this year and among the series was the OnePlus 9R. The company is now planning to launch another smartphone in the OnePlus 9 series and this time it could be named the OnePlus 9 RT. The phone is expected to launch initially in India and China and later in the global market. The phone can be expected in the month of October and will have minor upgrades when compared to the OnePlus 9R.

 As per the latest reports and leaks, the new OnePlus 9 RT would be powered using the Snapdragon 870 processor and will sport an OLED panel that will support a 120Hz refresh rate as well. When it comes to the rear camera unit, it is expected to come with a 50MP primary lens from Sony, and the same sensors as used in OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro. The details also confirm that the phone will not be launched in North American and European markets, which could make it exclusive to India and China, but nothing is official yet. 

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The phone will also be running on the new OxygenOS 12 out of the box, based on Android 12. It will be very similar to what users have been experiencing in the OnePlus 9 series and will have a previous generation flagship processor, giving a great performance. There is no official date to when the phone will be launched, but it is expected that the company will make the announcement next month and will release it in October. 


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