OnePlus will not be launching OnePlus 8T Pro this year.

It has been made official and seems to be disappointing news for OnePlus fans. the company has confirmed that it will only be launching the OnePlus 8T flagship phone in India on October 14. After the launch, the phone will be made available to the Chinese market the very next day. However, the company will not be launching any OnePlus 8T Pro model this year, and it was confirmed by OnePlus CEO Pete Lau officially on Weibo. The reason for skipping the model this year is simply stated as no upgrade was required for the previous model. 

He said that since there is no room for any upgrade, the company has decided to skip the OnePlus 8T Pro model this year. However, the OnePlus fans do not need to be disappointed by it as the company has already planned for a big surprise for them, which would be worth the wait. Based on this statement, the company could be working on a lot of features this year, which will come as something new in the OnePlus 8T model. Some of the speculated features are the USB-C to USB-C cable charging, which will also increase the charging speed of the phone. 

The company is also expected to launch the Bullet Wireless 3 headphones along with the OnePlus Buds Z. What is going to be very unique is the addition of a new laptop to the OnePlus product lineup this year and a device which will be similar to a gaming console. There is a lot on the OnePlus list and it could be just anything that they can surprise the users with.

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