Oppo announces the first rollable screen prototype, the Oppo X 2021 Rollable Concept smartphone

After the foldable phones made their way to the market, it was understandable that companies will be looking to create more devices where the screen is flexible and can be changed to various shapes. A few days back, news came that Samsung is working on a new rollable screen that is still in the prototype phase. Now, the details have come from the company Oppo which has created the Oppo X Rollable concept smartphone. This is one of a kind and the first phone of its type that could extend its default size display. 

The company has not provided any kind of specific details regarding the smartphone, but it is confirmed that the screen has been made by Chinese manufacturer BOE. The Oppo X 2021 Rollable Concept rollable smartphone uses a rollable OLED panel which has a default size of 6.7 inches and can be extended to 7.4 inches. The information about the display maker of the phone was provided by Vice President, Li Xuezheng, also, the details were shared on Weibo. 

YouTube video

Since the device is only a prototype and will not be available commercially, we can expect the company to work more on the new technology and come up with a new smartphone with a rollable screen next year. However, whatever the company has revealed, does seem to be very promising. The company did confirm that they had to face many challenges while creating it and components like a proprietary roll motor, a new back panel support structure and a redesign of internal circuitry for the OLED panel were not easy to make.

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