Oppo announces the new Find X3 series, featuring “Full-path Color Management System”, to make the image quality better

Oppo has been working on a new color management system in smartphones for a while now and it seems that the new system will be making its way to the upcoming smartphone Oppo Find X3 series, which is all set to launch early next year. The Full Path system covers everything from capturing images, storing them, and displaying them with full DCI-P3 gamut coverage and 10-bit color depth. The changes in the software will be perfectly integrated with the camera hardware of the phone, which will help to provide better colors and image quality when captured. 

The company has adopted a new algorithm and hardware that preserve the fidelity of an image while performing multi-frame noise reduction, distortion correction, and “perceptual extreme super-resolution”. It is one of the similar techniques and technology that Sony has been working on for a long time. Unlike typical HDR, DOL captures multiple exposures simultaneously, which removes the need to correct for moving objects. Images after being captured, are stored in HEIF format and support 10-bit color depth, and produce smaller files to boot. 

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These types of images not only load faster but are also stable while they are being edited. Oppo will also be using the screen calibration procedure to bring the color accuracy to around 0.4 JNCD. Also, the company has been partnering up with Zhejiang University to develop tests and develop solutions that correct images for improved viewing by people with color blindness. This will help each user to calibrate the display as per their preferences.


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