Pixel 6 series will only get three years of OS upgrade, as rumored to be five years

A couple of days back Google launched their new series of Pixel smartphones in the market and offered many other services which were specific to the Pixel devices. At that time rumors were out that Google might follow the footsteps of Apple and provide five years of software updates to smartphones. But it seems that it was only rumors and the company will only provide major OS updates to the Pixel 6 smartphone till October 2024.

Therefore, the users will only get three major upgrades to the OS for the Pixel 6 generation of devices and additional extended two years of security updates. It was expected earlier that Google is going to make the change and change the major OS update duration for five years. However, it seems like they are going to stick with three years of OS update for now. There is a chance that they might change their mind and extend the period, but that only remains to be seen with time.

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Also, the users who purchase Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro is going to get five years of security updates and three years of major OS updates. Users were excited about the fact that Google would have been the only company to compete in this category with Apple. However, the latest reveal has left the users disappointed. The smartphone has only been launched in the US for now and will soon be available in other countries as well. Also, Pixel users will be able to use features that are unique to Pixel devices on Android.

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