Pixel 7a Color Options Leaked Ahead of Release

The much-anticipated Pixel from Google has once again been leaked. According to tipsters OnLeaks and MySmartPrice, the Pixel 7a will be available in various colors. However, fans of brighter colors may be disappointed, as the options are mostly muted earthy tones. The only model that stands out is a light blue version reminiscent of the Pixel 4a’s Barely Blue shade. Pixel 7a have a choice of three colors: white, gray, and sky blue.

In contrast to the Pixel 6a, which featured a black camera bar on Sage, Chalk, and Charcoal models, the Pixel 7a’s camera strip will be a lighter version of the corresponding phone color. For example, the gray model has a light gray camera bar, the white version has a chrome camera housing, and the blue model has a camera module that matches the phone’s color.

While the marketing names of the Pixel 7a colors have not been confirmed, a source previously leaked that the blue model would be known as “Arctic Blue.” At its annual developer conference in May, Google is expected to unveil the Pixel 7a. Although the phone’s specifications and other details have been extensively leaked, you can visit our Pixel 7a rumor hub to learn more about the upcoming phone.

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