PUBG bans more than 2 million accounts in one week.

PUBG has been one of the most popular games for the mobile platform and they are ready with the new update, which is going to be launched soon. However, a recent revelation from the tech giant shows that online gaming could never be free of cheaters. PUBG has reportedly banned more than 2 million accounts on the platform in just one week. The numbers are from the week starting from August 20 to August 27. It definitely shows that PUBG does not like any kind of cheaters and wants to promote fair gameplay for all the users. 

The information for the ban was given by the company through a tweet where it mentioned the reasons for banning such an account. It shows 32% of players were banned for using x-ray vision, 27% used auto-aim, 12% used speed hacks, and 22% were banned for unspecified reasons. The information has been revealed at a very critical time when the new update has been announced and the company is arranging a $2 million esports tournament. The new update will be bringing a 36% improvement in frame rate and a 76% reduction in lag. 

Since the company has been adding up so many resources to make the game better, it would certainly not allow any player to damage the experience of other players by cheating. With such a large number of bans, it is expected that PUBG will now be monitoring the profile of the gamer with more strictness and real-time actions can also be possible in the future.


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