PUBG Corporation lists yet another job position on LinkedIn

It has been a long time since PUBG was banned in India and since then, it has been looking for a way in the Indian market once again. We all know what kind of popularity the game had in the country and it is why PUBG corporation is making every attempt to regain the position. Now the parent company of the popular game PUBG, South Korean Krafton Inc seems to be putting job requirements on the LinkedIn website. The job posting appeared on March 18 but the company does not seem to be accepting applications for it right now. 

The news seems to be good for people who are expecting PUBG to make a comeback in the Indian market. Krafton already confirmed after being unable to find a publisher in the country that they will be making an entirely new game for Indian users in order to remove the ban, The new game would be called PUBG India and would be operated by PUBG Corporation, taking Chinese Tencent Games out of the equation. The company also confirmed last year that they will be hiring more than 100 employees in the country to establish a local office and the job posting was immediately available for the post of corporate development division manager on LinkedIn at the same time. 

As per the new job posting, the investment strategy analyst will help the company in analyzing mergers and acquisitions, and investment opportunities in the country. Krafton has also confirmed its plan to invest $100 million in India to cultivate local video game, esports, entertainment, and IT industries. They have also struck a deal with Microsoft to host the game through the Azure cloud platform.


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