New Update in PUBG New State aims to target players intentionally playing with hackers in a squad

Ever since PUBG New State was launched, Krafton has been able to delete and deal with thousands of hacker accounts in the game. The company has been notifying users about the number of deleted accounts on a regular basis to demotivate any kind of cheating and hacking. Recently, PUBG New State has received a new update for the anti-cheat system in the game. The new update not only targets the hacker but also the players who are intentionally playing with hackers.

The new update has been created to further strengthen the measures to stop any kind of cheating and abuse in the game. The game has recently crossed the 45 million user mark just weeks after being released. The new update is meant to target the users who are playing intentionally in a squad that has players using unauthorized third-party apps and programs. As per Krafton, these hackers and third-party programs ruin the gaming experience on the apps and PUBG New State has been no exception in experiencing the same issue.

Krafton has always been very strong against any kind of hacking and cheating software in all their gaming apps like Battlegrounds Mobile India or PUBG which was banned in India. Meanwhile, the company is regularly updating and adding new features to the anti-cheating system to make sure that the gameplay is fair and competitive at any given time. We hope to see more such added features and updates to the game in the coming time.


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