PUBG New State offering gift compensation to blocked user accounts

PUBG New State has recently been released by Krafton and has recorded over 40 million downloads ever since. Recently, the company updated the game with new updates which made the detection of hackers easier. However, the update came with a bug where some of the user accounts were able to claim in-game items by mistake. Due to this, the company had to block the user accounts which were affected by it. 

However, Krafton has assured us that this new account will soon be restored after the company retrieves the in-game items and the issue is rectified. They have also confirmed that all the accounts that have been temporarily blocked in the process will be awarded compensation in the in-game mail account. The update was mandatory for all the players to curb cheating by hackers, without which the game could not be played. 

Meanwhile, the game has been able to get more than 40 million downloads in just a few weeks, and to celebrate this, users are being sent free gifts as well. The players simply need to log in for 7 days and they will be able to win free medals and gift boxes. PUBG New State is the next generation of battle royale games from the company which is not only an upgrade over Battlegrounds Mobile India in terms of graphics but also gameplay. It includes new weapons, cars, maps, and a lot more. If you have still not downloaded the game, you can do so on the Android Play Store and App Store for iOS. 

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