Qualcomm to develop and launch its own gaming phone in association with ASUS.

When it comes to dedicated gaming smartphones, Asus Rog’s phone has been one of the most successful smartphones in the market. Due to this Asus has made a good name in the market for gaming smartphones. Now the news is coming in that even Qualcomm can launch their own gaming smartphone in association with Asus. We already know that Qualcomm is going to launch an event on December 1-2, which will also see the launch of the all-new Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 chipset, which will be the next premium flagship chipset. 

Now it has been reported that the same event could also see the launch of a new gaming phone from Qualcomm. The phone will be co-developed by Asus, but there are no details about the phone or what its specs would be. Since Asus has more experience in creating a pure gaming phone, the association makes a lot more sense. Asus will be able to bring in all the gaming elements of the smartphone to Qualcomm, while Qualcomm will be able to provide them with their best processors. 

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When it comes to GPU, which is the most important part of a gaming phone, it seems that Qualcomm will be using the Mali GPU instead of Nvidia ARM or the Adrena series of GPU. It will be amazing to see how the Mali-powered gaming phone competes with the Adreno series of GPU. In the meanwhile, we can only wait for the leaks or information about the phone and the powerful specs that it would bring in for gamers.


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