Qualcomm to launch a new 7 series chipset next year

Earlier this week Qualcomm announced the launch of the new Snapdragon 888 chipset which will be expected to power every premium flagship device from smartphone manufacturers, and many companies already confirming the launch of their new devices using this chipset. People were also expecting the company to release details about a new 7 series chipset in the event, but nothing similar to that came into the light. However, as per a new leak on Weibo by a leakster, Qualcomm is all set to release a new and powerful chipset for upper to mid-range phones in Q1 of 2021, which will be a part of the 7 series and will ship almost immediately after the launch.

The new 7 series chipset will be a direct competitor to the new Exynos 1080, which is based on the 5nm architecture and comes with an integrated 5G modem and the MT6893 platform by Mediatek. For now, the only details that are available about the new mysterious 7 series chipset is the model number, which is SM7350 and has been codenamed Cedros(an island off the coast of Mexico, near Qualcomm HQ).

YouTube video

The company has already tested a prototype for the chipset which managed to score around 530,000 on AnTuTu, which is a much better performance than the existing Snapdragon 765G but will still be lower than the Snapdragon 865 which reached a benchmark rating of 600,000. It seems that the new chipset will bring more balance between power consumption and battery life with exceptional performance in its category.

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