Realme to add virtual RAM through an update on Realme X7 Max

One of the new features that have recently come into the smartphone industry is virtual RAM. It not only increases the performance of the smartphone but optimizes it much further. It seems that Realme will be adding Dynamic RAM expansion to the Realme X7 Max through an update. Previous to that, virtual RAM has been used by the Chinese smartphone industry like Vivo, Xiaomi, and more. Now Realme will also be using the same on their smartphone through X7 Max. 

As per Realme, it will still take time for the update to reach the users, so they will have to wait for a little more time. Apart from this major upgrade, the phone will also get the latest Android updates, along with a few tweaks to improve the power efficiency of the smartphone. The new update will also bring a few more changes to the camera system which will make the image quality a lot better than before. 

The company has not specified if they are going to use the Virtual RAM feature only in this smartphone or will they be adding it to other smartphones in the future. As per the details, the feature will add up to 3GB more RAM to the phone and might take a bit of storage in the phone as well. The build number of the update is RMX3031_11_A.16 and will bring in a lot of different optimizations to improve the performance of Realm X7 Max. If you have still not received the update, it is suggested to wait for a little more time.


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