Realme Flash to be the first Android smartphone with a magnetic wireless charger

One of the major highlights of the iPhone 12 series is the MagSafe feature which provides the phone magnetic properties which can be used for charging and also with many other accessories. It was also called one of the revolutionary additions to the iPhone that would change a lot of things for the future iPhone series as well. Now, something very similar also seems to be coming from Realme for their Android smartphone range. The company is planning to launch a new smartphone in the market with the name Realme Flash, which will be the first Android phone to have magnetic wireless charging. 

The same has also been confirmed by the company over their Twitter handle. The tweet not only shows the rear side of the phone but also the positing of the rear where the magnets will be placed. The leaked details about the phone confirm that it can come with a curved screen and will be paired with a Snapdragon 888 chipset and 12GB of RAM. The smartphone will also be running on Android 11 out of the box and will have at least 256GB of onboard storage. 

YouTube video

The phone will also come with a magnetic charger called the MagDart, which will be connected through a USB C port. The charger will automatically snap on the rear of the phone due to agents and it is expected that it can provide charging speeds of more than 15W. The company has not confirmed when the smartphone will be launched, but we can expect the phone to soon be released as the development for the same is complete. 


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