New images of the Realme GT Master Edition prototype emerges online with MagDart charging technology

After the release of MagSafe by Apple in 2020 with the iPhone 12, it was clear that the same technology would be used in other smartphones as well. One of the first to adopt it and transform it into a smartphone is Realme. They are currently working on Realme GT Master Edition which comes with MagDart technology that works exactly as in the iPhone 12. It can magnetically charge smartphones and now there are leaked images of MagDart available online to prove that. 

Prototype images of the smartphone have been shared online by tipster OnLeaks which not only shows the smartphone but the MagDard charging mechanism as well. Realme will not be limiting the feature to just one smartphone, but will also extend it to other smartphones in the future. However, this is just the prototype as the real Realme GT Master Edition which will be released in India soon does not come with MagDart charging feature. The MagDart comes with 15W wireless charging support which Realme would definitely want to increase in the future. 

YouTube video

The MagDart has a circular magnetic coil that will attach to the back of the smartphone to help with wireless charging. Although it is a concept, the company has not confirmed if they will be launching a version of this smartphone with MagDart or will it be in the future with a completely new handset in the market. For now, Realme is providing up to 65W wired charging capabilities and we soon expect them to develop wireless charging to those standards.


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