Realme’s Upcoming Narzo N-Series Phone: Narzo N55 – All You Need to Know

The Realme Narzo N55 is expected to be released in India soon, with reports claiming that it will be the first phone in Realme’s new Narzo N-series portfolio. While Realme has not confirmed anything about this phone, indications point to the launch of a new N-series smartphone in the company’s flagship Narzo portfolio.

According to sources, a recent report suggests that the Realme Narzo N55 will be revealed in India on April 12th at 12:30 PM IST. If this is correct, interested users can purchase the phone from Amazon and the official Realme websites shortly after its release.

While information about the phone’s functionality is limited, a primary source hinted at some expected characteristics. The phone will be expected that the phone will be available in Prime Black and Prime Blue color variants and that it will be priced in the mid-range gaming phone bracket.

Realme has announced the Realme C55, which includes a Tiny Capsule function similar to Apple’s Dynamic Island feature on the iPhone 14 Pro series. With the Realme Narzo N55’s release date approaching, tech fans want to discover more about this new Realme phone.


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