Researchers are using eye-tracking software to check out how mobile apps grab our attention.

Since Smartphones have become a very important part of our life, it becomes very important to know how we respond to them. It is why researchers have been studying eye movement using eye-tracking technology to discover how mobile apps grab our attention. The visual attention to the mobile app design shows that the component in the app that is larger and brighter gets most of the attention from our eye. The research was done by Aalto University researchers to see the common understanding of what attracts visual attention on the screen. 

It is one of a kind and the first study to understand this behavior. As per the official statement of the university, “Apps appear differently on a phone than on a desktop computer or browser: they’re on a smaller screen which simply fits fewer elements and, instead of a horizontal view, mobile devices typically use a vertical layout. Until now it was unclear how these factors would affect how apps actually attract our eyes.

Researchers used a large set of smartphones and other devices and eye-tracking software to see how users look at the screenshot of the mobile apps for Android and iOS. Earlier it was thought that larger and brighter things get the most of the attention and time of the eye. 

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However, it was found that bright colors didn’t affect how people fixate on app details. One possible reason is that the mobile interface itself is full of glossy and colorful elements, so everything on the screen can potentially catch your attention, which is a part of the design. Also, text plays a very important role in playing information through the eyes. It was also found that images drew more attention and faces too attracted more attention. 

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