Samsung A Series vs M Series: Which to Choose?

Samsung is one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers and its model range is unusually wide. If most brands are limited to the release of only three to five smartphones, then Samsung pleases users with so many product lines. On the one hand, this creates a choice for users. On the other, the more choice options you have, the more confused you may feel. 

Talking about Samsung smartphones, many first-time users find it hard to understand how smartphones of one line differ from another, especially if they look almost the same and the technical features are the same. So, if you also don’t know whether to choose A or M Series, below you will find useful information to help you make the right choice.

Samsung A Series vs M Series: Brief Overview

Let’s understand the problematic moments regarding this series of smartphones. As you know, troubleshooting a Samsung phone of both the A and M categories is pretty easy. These devices have long proven their reliability and quality, which is why this manufacturer is in demand all over the world. So let’s look at the highlights of the A and M series, focusing on their weak and strong features. 

  • Samsung A-series Smartphones. This series offers affordable models that are designed to compete with Chinese manufacturers in the minimum and medium price ranges. This series is characterized by a large selection of models from the most budgetary to premium-quality smartphones.
  • Samsung M-series Smartphones. The M series has many similarities with the A series, especially when it comes to processors and screens. Hence, the prices are lower than the above product line.

So, what is better? Let’s check out the differences in more detail.

The Key Differences Among  A Series and M Series

So, Samsung A Series and M Series are two popular series of smartphones from Samsung. Below you will find the key differences between the two ranges. 

Price category

First, it is important to understand that these models are in different price segments. The A series is usually more expensive than the M series. So if you are looking for a smartphone at a more budget price, then you should consider the offers in the M line.


At first glance, the design of these series may seem standard and not be decisive when choosing one or another series. However, this is the key difference between these series. First, the A-series smartphones have a more premium design with glass backs. As for the M series, the design is made with plastic back panels.


Since the A series is in the more expensive price segment, when it comes to the display, you can expect better display quality with Super AMOLED displays. The M series smartphones use TFT displays.


Another difference between these series is the camera. If we talk about the A series, then there will be a better quality camera with more megapixels. There will also be features such as optical image stabilization. As for the M-series smartphones, you can expect good camera quality, but compared to the A-series, they are not as high-end.


An important difference is the performance of smartphones of these two lines. The A series offers better performance with more powerful processors, while the M series features mid-range processors.

Battery Life

Considering that the Samsung A and M series are a little different, the main thing here is the capacity of the batteries. As a rule, M-models are equipped with fast charging with high power (from 18 W and above), and the battery capacity is 6000 mAh (sometimes 5000 mAh). The M Series offers users a workhorse when it comes to battery life and the capacity of their batteries is really impressive. A series has smaller batteries, so if you are looking for a workhorse, then you should pay attention to the M series.

A Series vs M Series: Which One to Choose?

Now you know the main differences between these two series. Which one to choose anyway? If your goal is to find a premium smartphone that has a modern and attractive design, as well as high-end features, then you can find all this in the A-series lineup.

If you have a limited budget but you are looking for a device that will delight you with all the modern features, attractive design, and high performance, then you should pay attention to smartphones from the M series. Devices of this lineup are in demand and also have positive consumer reviews.

Therefore, when choosing devices, you should rely on your preferences, needs, and budget. It makes no sense to talk about which of these lineups is better since they are in different segments. But when you know the main differences, you can make the right choice regarding which smartphones are right for you.

Check-list on How To Select The Smartphone

To determine which smartphone you need, you can use the following checklist:

  • Determine the main purpose of use:
    • work with the Internet: using e-mail, browsing sites, communicating on the network (quick communication programs, social networks)
    • voice connection
    • photo and video filming
    • viewing photos and movies, listening to music
    • reading books
    • games
  • Determine your budget. Sometimes this is the key point when it comes to a smartphone purchase.
  • Determine display size and its technology.
  • Determine the preferred battery life.

The answers to these points will help you get a clear idea of for what purposes you need a smartphone and it will be much easier for you to find exactly what will fully satisfy all your needs.

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Wrapping Up

So, if you want to get premium quality, then you should pay attention to the A series. There are many smartphones that will allow you to get high functionality and modern design. If you are looking for something at an affordable price with high performance, then you should consider devices from the M series. Remember that it is worth starting with your needs and budget to make the right choice. Use the tips from this article to finally decide on the Samsung model that meets your expectations.

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